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Nanotech Industry Investment System

Cover the whole lifecycle of nanotech  company

Focused on high-end upstream projects in key nanotech related sectors, providing a series of value-added services to invested companies, e.g., project declaration for funding, platform support, marketing and up/downstream cooperation, etc. before and after investment by relying on the carrier service, industry service and platform service of Nanopolis Suzhou Co., Ltd.

Equity Investment

The First Private Equity Fund Focusing on Nanotech Industry in China

Investment focus: High-end upstream projects in key nanotech related sectors

Investment sectors: New nano-materials, micro-nano manufacturing, energy and cleanech and nano-biotech

Investment stages: Focusing on start-ups, with moderate consideration of grow-up businesses 

Withdrawal methods: Listing, equity transfer, merger and acquisition, buy-back

Investment Value Spotlight: Supporting Business Growth with Comprehensive Resources

Diversified Cooperation Patterns


Conventional investment for start-ups while seeking new possible investment methods

Seeking new methods: direct investment + rent, property, service, etc., for instance;

Building a bridge between nano companies and capitals, upstream and downstream businesses


JV fund attracts more capitals from the society to invest in nanotech

SuzhouSharelinkCapital, with an overall size of RMB 300 million and an initial registered capital of RMB 50 million, focusing on nanotech-led emerging industries with prioritized government support such as novel materials, micro-nano manufacturing, high-end equipment, biopharmaceuticals, new energy and clean tech-nology, the next generation internet, etc. Atleast 50% of its total investment will be made in nanotech related businesses.





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