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Philosophy and Modes

Background Scenario

As a high-end, advanced and multi-disciplinary technology, nanotechnology is receiving considerable attention from countries all over the world, in respects of nanotech innovation and R&D, with each country presenting their own characteristics and advantages. However, on a global scale, both the pace of nanotech industrialization and internationalization is generally slow. Therefore, it comes to be an irresistible trend to enhance international cooperation, integrate global resources and take use of mutual advantages in order to boost the growth of nanotech industry.

Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), a flagship cooperation project between governments of China and Singapore, is the area with most concentrated nanotech resources in China, possessing a complete industry strategy and industry ecosystem. As the first one in China to put nanotech industry to a strategic position as “No. 1 Industry”, SIP takes the lead in formulating a special policy package for nanotech industry, which is the only one in China today. As a result of joint effort made by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Jiangsu Provincial Government and Suzhou Industrial Park, China International Nanotech Innovation Cluster was officially established in SIP on November 17, 2007. Supported by the talent resources and research strengths from Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, the cluster dedicated to integrating global nanotech resources to promote nanotech innovation and commercialization based on Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO) under Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), Nanopolis Suzhou, BioBay and nanotech research institutions and enterprises settled in SIP. 

After nine years’ construction, China International Nanotech Innovation Cluster has gradually developed into China's largest nanotech research and commercialization cluster with complete industry chains, technology chains and service chains. Based on the innovative concept of nanotech industry ecosystem, SIP has carried out intensive cooperation with various countries including the United States, Finland, Germany, Russia, Singapore and Japan, etc. in aspects of R&D, investment, education and training, business consulting, conference, information exchange, market development and resource networking. Therewith, A unique model of international cooperation---“cluster-platform-cluster” is formed. As the heart of cluster, Nanopolis Suzhou is attempting to establish the international nanotech centers with a higher degree of openness and cooperation. Till now, China-Finland Nanotech Innovation Center (NIC), Holland High Tech China Center (HHTCC), Czech Tech China Center (CTCC), Iran Nanotech China Center(INCC) and Jiangsu-Ontario Nanotech Innovation Center have been on operation with substantive bilateral resource docking and cooperation taking place.

Activities of International Nanotech Alliance

Delegation visits

Conference, workshop, exhibition,matchmaking events

R&D, IP transfer, technical service 

Networking (database) of related resources

Business setup, marketing & sales, joint venture 

Industry analysis, consulting, etc.

Venture partnership, parallel investment/joint fund

Education & training program


Professional team from Nanopolis Suzhou offers: bi/multi-lateral matechmaking, useful industry resources from academia and corporate sector, registration assistance; etc.Local government offer: favorable policies for international nanotech cooperation, incentives for setting up international center on nanotechat Nanopolis, and fundings.Surrounding facilities offer: see download (SIP official web)

With the largest Nanotech Innovation and Commercialization Hub in the world, we provide a broad service portfolio including innovation and R&D, engineering pilot production, small-scale production, technology transfer, patents operation, industry services, leasing of corporate headquarter, conference and expo, comprehensive support and so on .  
        Industry Sectors and Enterprises 
       Nearly 200 nanotech companies distributed into four major areas: micro & nano manufacturing; energy and environment; nano materials; and nano biotechnology, which includes 18 sub-sectors: MEMS, PE, nano carbon materials, injection laser, GaN , functional membrane materials, lithium battery , etc. 

        Investment and Financing Environment 
        Over 20 investment institutions, more than 80 funding agencies and various venture capitals.    

       Industry Platform System
        Basic platform, technical support and engineering platform, standardization and testing center and industry service platform.

        Universities and Research Institutions 
        Over 24 universities and nearly 20 nanotech relevant research institutions, including 7000 nanotech talents , 30 members from the One Hundred Talents Program of CAS,31 members from the National Thousand Talents Program of CAS. 

The International Roundtable on Nanotechnology participated by 11 countries was held in SIP on September 25, 2013

The International Roundtable on Nanotechnology participated by 12 countries was held in SIP in 2015





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