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Explore Development Model for Strategic Emerging Industries and Promote Nanotech Industrialization & Application

As a nation with early R&D activities and significant achievements in papers & patents on nanotechech, China noticeably lags behind in the industrialization of the field, and has not yet formed a nanotech "industry" consensus. Suzhou is the first city in China taking nanotech industry as its strategic emerging industry to lead the transforming and upgrading of regional economy. This strategy is highly supported by central government, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jiangsu Province. The development of strategic emerging industry relies on top-level design and systematic planning. With  international experiences, national conditions and regional realities in mind, Suzhou proposed to build nanotech industry ecosystem to layout and integrate industry resources and eventually to establish an effective interactive model in accordance with the need of industrial development. This model has been well recognized and accepted by nanotech related academia, industry and govern-ment agencies both domestically and internationally.


What is Industry Ecosystem?
Industrial ecosystem is an interdisciplinary concept that crosses economics and biology that embodies systematic thinking. Ecology refers to the living state of all creatures as well as the intricate interdependence among themselves and the relationship with the environment. One direct example of "industry ecosystem" is the industrial ecological chain formed between upstream, middle and downstream enterprises in industrial clusters as input and output, similar to different stages of the food chain. The industrial ecosystem we create includes not only the supply and demand relationship between upstream and downstream products but also a series of key resources for industrial development and their interactions such as industrial chain, innovation chain, service chain, talents chain. Through the integration of resources in science and technology, industry, service and finance, an optimized system is formed where the resources of specific industries are gathered together to allow them to facilitate industrial development to the most direct and greatest extent.


Advantages of Industrial Ecosystem
Due to its well-formed ecological hierarchy, the industrial ecosystem enables materials, human resources, capital and information to interact with each other in the most economic and efficient way; the continuous convergence of technology, products, talents, capitals and other industrial resources is a major force on facilitating industrial expansion and establishing industrial brands; regional industry development is accelerated and regional industry characteristics are gradually formed. Boston in US, Tel Aviv in Israel and other regions throughout the world, where the emerging industries are growing prosperously have seen the establishment of healthy and sustainable industrial ecosystems.


Propose the Innovative “Nanotech Application Industry Ecosystem Model”
In the end of 2010, after analyzing the inner mechanism of the development of strategic emerging industry and summarizing the current development of nanotech industry in SIP, Nanopolis Suzhou Co., Ltd. first proposed the concept of “Nanotech Industry Ecosystem”; after going through a long time of supplementing and perfecting it, the “Nanotech Application Industry Ecosystem” development model was finally established. In 2012, Zhang Xijun, President of Nanopolis Suzhou Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the Forum on Frontiers of Sciences & Technology organized by Chinese Academy of Sciences and delivered a report titled “Explore development model for strategic emerging industries & Promote nanotech industrialization and application” and officially introduced to experts and scholars in Chinese Academy of Sciences the “Nanotech Application Industry Ecosystem” development model. The academic journal SCIENTIA SINICA Chimica published the whole original speech in Issue 6, Volume 43 (2013).


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