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Industry Community


What is a comprehensive industrial community? It’s an ecosystem formed by a pool of elements that are essential for the development of a certain industry, where the elements interact with one another in a mutually facilitating manner to provide system services and industrial carriers that support the sustainable growth of companies inside the community.

Nanopolis Suzhou is such a comprehensive industrial community that specializes in nanotechnology applications. It provides a full range of systematic, pragmatic, professional services to companies in respects of platform support, project investment, intellectual property rights, nanotech standardization, international collaboration, industrial alliance, industrial exchanges, funding application and training, etc. 

International Platform – Docking Transnational Resource Clusters

Today, Nanopolis Suzhou has become a gateway for international nanotech counterparts to access China as it has established diversified partnerships with over 20 countries and regions across the world, including Finland, Holland, Czech Republic, Germany, Korea, Japan, US and France. With the completion of international nanotech establishments, e.g., China-Finland Nano Innovation Center, Holland High Tech China Center and Czech Tech China Center, Nanopolis Suzhou is undoubtedly a “bridgehead” connecting China to the international industrial clusters. 

Industry Investments – Steering to the Industry Hot Spots

Suzhou Nano Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is China’s first fund focusing on the investment and incubation of start-up / grow-up projects. By August 2014, it has contracted 10 nanotech projects worthy of RMB 100 million with renowned Chinese venture capitals. 

Technical Industry Platforms – Providing State-of-the-art Public Support

Nanopolis Suzhou owns China’s first 6” MEMS pilot platform that opens fully to the market to give optimized support to MEMS businesses, R&D institutions and intermediaries, filling the gap in the MEMS industry;

It provides four platforms, namely, fundamental research platform, applications research platform, engineering R&D platform and public technical service platform through three establishments, which are Gallium Nitride(GaN) Materials and Devices Research Institute, R&D Center for Nano-Lithium-Ion Battery Materials and SIP Nano Safety Assessment Center.

Intellectual Property – Navigating Technological Innovations

SIP Nanotechnology Patent Operation Center, supported by Suzhou Pilot Area for Nanotechnology Commercialization under the National Patent Navigation, is founded to pool resources from the national intellectual property bureau, implement the micro-navigation strategy to provide guides to enterprises in respects of patent layout and technological innovations and help them gain competitive edges on the market. 

Industrial Activities – Serving as Platforms for Industrial Exchanges to Promote Market Applications 

We’re aimed to establish diversified platforms for industrial exchanges so as to promote market applications of nanotech achievements through holding Go Go Nano, workshops, Nanotech Investors’ Club, international communication activities, international project matchmaking, up/downstream matchmaking, project roadshows and product promotions.

Product Promotion – Bridging up Products with Market, Up/Downstream Companies

We’re able to target audience groups accurately to promote the latest nano products through different media platforms, such as nanotech showroom, nano magazine, website, microblog, wechat, etc.; besides, we offer professional, systematic and effective publicity and promotion services by combining public media and different exhibitions to help businesses with brand publicity, product exhibitions, marketing and promotion, technological cooperation and sales channel expansion.

Fund Application – Providing Caring Support to Key Projects

We have set up professional teams to provide timely, considerate assistance to businesses in applying for funding schemes for key technological projects, leading technological talent projects, etc. to promote the R&D, product design and market expansion of companies. 

Talent Training – Creating Lifetime Training Opportunities

We’ve pooled together extraordinary educational resources such as China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA), Interuniversity Microelectronics Centreof Belgium, Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy for Sciences, etc. to give employees easy access to the top-level trainings and education and improve their knowledge and skills to inject fresh energy for company development and technological innovations. 

Industrial Alliances – Connecting Industrial Clusters

Suzhou Alliance for Nanotechnology Applications Industry, Suzhou Nano Touch Industry Alliance and SIP Laser Industry Innovation Alliance Association are established with the joint effort of industrial leaders, upstream/downstream businesses along the industrial chain and the industry associations to advance the R&D, applications docking and cooperation in nanotechnology and nano products. The alliances are formed by members from the Yangtze Delta area, East China, Middle China and other parts of China.